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Stallion Air Inc.

Mobile Containment Fill Enclosures

Stallion Mobile Containment Fill Enclosures are independently tested in compliance with NFPA 1901 standards. These enclosures have a front-to-back depth less than 21” making them ideal for mounting in apparatus compartments. The adjustable door opening height accommodates various apparatus floor-to-ground heights by opening to approximately 90°. The balanced door also incorporates a two-stage opening design that allows for ergonomic cylinder loading, as well as easy cylinder connection. The door closure and latch mechanisms are completely mechanical and do not require pneumatic pressure for operation. The door is self-latching with redundant mechanisms. The latch release mechanism is integrated into the handle and, therefore, requires no secondary mechanism for latch operation. The fill enclosures will accommodate cylinders that exceed 31” in length. An internally or externally mounted safety valve ensures that fill whips cannot be charged with the door open.