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There are typically two styles of storage cylinders utilized for breathing air purposes. ISO Cylinders or ASME cylinders. The ISO cylinders are a more economical choice. The ISO storage cylinders will require a 10- year recertification whereas the ASME cylinders have no recertification requirements. The ASME cylinders have more related hardware attached to the cylinders, than an ISO cylinder, that may require service or replacement in the future.

ISO Cylinders

  • Require a 10-year recertification

  • The 6000 psi cylinder weighs 195 lbs dry

  • Cylinder rated at 510 cf @ 6000 psi

ASME Cylinders

  • No recertification requirement

  • Cylinder weights 400 lbs dry

  • Cylinder rated at 491 cf @ 6000 psi

  • ASME cylinders require a certified ASME Relieve Valve

Stallion Air Storage
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