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The SAT houses a generator, compressor and fill station with multiple air storage vessels in a compact, but efficient design allowing the SAT to be set up anywhere that it can be towed. The SAT can be set up at the scene of an incident and generate its own power from an appropriately sized, stand-alone diesel 3 phase generator. The SAT is designed with two compartments that separate the mechanical room from the SCBA recharging room.

Standard Features​

  • 2 position Fill Station

  • (4) 6000 psi ISO cylinders

  • 4 bank regulated air control panel

  • Secondary compressor control screen

  • Vertical drop SCBA storage rack

  • (2) 5,000 lb torsion axles

  • (2) 500-watt halogen hand pole lights

  • Dual roll-up aluminum side doors

  • Fold-down or barn door style rear doors

  • Side entrance door

  • 120 VAC LED interior lighting and receptacles

Optional Features

  • Stallion Auto-Fill

  • Electrical shoreline cord with transfer switch

  • Spring rewind hose reel assemble (50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft)

  • Awnings

Additional Details

  • The mechanical room is equipped with your choice of Percheron compressor, and a diesel generator that is sized appropriately for the installed equipment.

  • Roll-up doors on the sides of the SAT allow for instant access to the controls for the generator, as well as the compressor for easy operation.

  • The SCBA recharging room is designed to house the fill station, storage vessels, and SCBA storage rack.

  • The vertical drop SCBA rack will accommodate 12 SCBA cylinders of any size, for storage.

Stallion Air Trailer
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