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The Stallion Auto-Fill System utilizes a proprietary precision valve system, pressure transducers, a logic controller, and a color touch screen to perform all functions of a typical “cascade” air control panel. The defining attribute of the system is the ability to provide constant, precise fill rate control. The screen graphics allow the operator to see all functions as they are happening in real-time. An operator simply presses the “Start” key, selects the number of bottles being filled, and selects the fill pressure.

Stallion Auto-Fill

The Stallion Auto-Fill System can be incorporated into panels having full manual redundancy, or be used independently. Stallion Auto-Fill System is an available option on Centaur systems and Stationary Containment Fill Enclosures. It can also be integrated into air management panels for use on mobile systems. The Stallion Auto-Fill System can be configured for use on systems with or without a compressor. It can be used with 3 bank or 4 bank cascade systems.

Auto-Fill Functions

  • "Cascade" storage bank usage

  • Cylinder filling from compressor

  • Storage bank refill

  • Fill pressure control

  • Fill rate control

Administrative Features

  • User Passcodes

  • Cylinder Pressure Selection

  • Allowable overfills

  • Fill rates

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