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Stallion offers the Percheron for applications in which space is at a premium and access doors would be unusable. While this unit performs perfectly in a stationary application, its open design, low center of gravity, and modular components provide the installation flexibility and ease of maintenance that is necessary for vehicular installations. These horizontally configured compressors incorporate all the Stallion features and technology our customers have come to expect.

Standard Features​

  • 6000 psi - select from 7.5 to 25 horsepower.

  • Purification system matched to compressor output

  • Modular components that provide multiple configuration options, including remote location of components and controls

  • Color, touch-screen operator interface for simple, automated operation and monitoring with shut-down alarms and on-screen status messages

  • Stallion Sample Tap System (STS) for easy air sample retrieval

Optional Features

  • CO monitor

  • Moisture monitor

  • Comprehensive electronic interstage monitoring

  • Connectivity package (email or text alerts for system status changes or malfunctions)

Standard Dimensions

  • 7.5 & 10 HP:  59-7/8”W x 33-7/8”D x 43”H

  • 15, 20 & 25 HP:  75-3/16”W x 28-1/2”D x 51-9/16”H

Stallion Air Percheron
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