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Stallion Fill Enclosures

In addition to being NFPA 1901 compliant fill enclosures, these packages also provide an air management panel and storage vessel mounting rack inside of the cabinet. The storage vessel rack will accommodate either ASME or ISO



The cabinets and panels of the fill enclosures are constructed to compliment the cabinetry of Pegasus and Gidran compressors. This gives your system the “matching appliance” look.


Do you need to fill cylinders remotely? Not a problem! Stallion air management panels include a remote hose connection port and control valve as a standard item. Additionally, a hose reel module can be added to these fill enclosures and integrated into the air management panel.


Stallion Stationary Containment Fill Enclosures do not rely on complicated pneumatic controls to open or close the door. The door mechanisms are mechanical and balanced to provide easy opening and closing. The door latch mechanism is redundant and integrated into the door handle. No secondary latch mechanism is necessary.


Filling 1 hour SCBAs and SCUBA tanks is not a problem for the Stallion Stationary Containment Fill Enclosures. The fill enclosure accommodates cylinders greater than 31” long. The fill enclosure door has a two-stage opening feature. One stage allows for ergonomic loading, the other stage positions the bottle connections at an ergonomic work height